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  • I. Getting Started
  • II. Playing the Game
  • III. Starting a Game

  • Feedback


    Clash is a PC game that I have been developing as a hobby. It is similar to the board game "Risk" save that it is real-time rather than turn-based. The result is a classic world-conquest strategy game packed into a fast paced crush-or-be-crushed struggle for world domination. Although the game is not completely finished, it is already functional, playable, and ready for testing. The current version is available for download and includes a single-player mode where you can battle up to nine computer players as well as a multi-player mode where you can do battle with your friends over the network or internet.


    Clash is currently in the testing phase of development. The latest version is available for download so feel free to download it and test it out. If you find any bugs, errors, or other flaws please let me know in the feedback section so that I can get to work on fixing them. My main goals right now are to cleanse the game of any bugs or flaws but I am considering adding a few small features such as team play. Still, I only intend on makeing minor adjustments to the game before I release the first official version. If there is enough interest in the game, however, I would like to add some bigger features in the long run. Some ideas are to add an internet lobby area to organize games more easily or to add support for multiple maps and create a map-editor. These changes would be more difficult and would take longer to implement, so like I said, lets see how things go with the current version first.


    This game is freeware so feel free to download it and play it as much as you want. Don't forget to read the instructions before you play and please give me some feedback on how to make the game better after you've tried it out. Also, don't forget to come back later and check for updates.
    Prefered Link: Download Now: - 51Kb
    Alternate Link: Download Now: - 51Kb


    The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is required in order to run Clash. If you don't already have the JVM, you can download it free here at Java's website.

    (Pending: PC Requirements)


    I. Getting Started

    A. What you need:
    Game Files - These are the actual files for the game. Get them here.
    Java Virtual Machine - This virtual machine is also needed to play the game. You can download it free here at Java's website.

    B. Installation: The game files themselves do not need to be installed.  Simply unzip them into the folder of your choosing.  The Java Virtual Machine, on the other hand, does need to be installed.  If you need any help with the installation see Java's installation instructions and troubleshooting guide here.

    C. Running the Game: To run the game, double click the "Clash.bat" file in the game files directory.

    D. Troubleshooting: Pending...

    II. Playing the Game

    A. Object: The object of the game is simple... Take over the world. In order to do so, you must use strategy and cunning to overpower your enemies.

    B. Placing Armies: Throughout the game, you will receive new armies that must be placed on the map. To place one army, hold down shift on the keyboard and then click on the country that you want to place the army on. The number of new armies that you have at any time is displayed at the top of the screen.

    C. Attacking: You simply click on the attack button to launch an attack. Before you attack, however, you must select the territory you are going to attack and select the territory you will be attacking from. Left-Click the mouse on the territory you will be attacking from. Right-Click the mouse on the territory you are going to attack. NOTE:  These two territories must either share a border, or be connected by a sea route. Each time you click the "attack" button, you will launch one attack.

    D. Moving Armies: Moving armies is similar to attacking. First you must select two territories (Source=Left-Click, Destination=Right-Click). Next click on the "Move" button to move one army between the two territories. NOTE:  These two territories must either share a border, or be connected by a sea route.

    E. New Armies and Continent Bonuses: You will obtain new armies during the game to help you in your campaign to rule the world. How fast you receive these new armies depends on how many territories you control.  The more territories you control, the faster you will receive new armies to fight with.  There is also a benefit to controlling an entire continent.  If you control all territories in a given continent you will receive new armies even faster.  The bigger the continent, the larger this effect will be.

    III. Starting a Game

    A. Single, Host, or Join: When the game first starts you will have three options to choose from:
    Single Player - Choose this option for a single player game.
    Host Game - Choose this option to host a network game.
    Join Game - Choose this option to join a network game.

    B. Player Name and Color: You can easily change the name and color of each player (Anyone who chose "Join" earlier cannont change their name and color until they connect - see below). To change a name, enter the new name and press enter. To change a players color, click on the colored rectangle next to their name. A window will pop up where you can choose a new color. The initial color of players is random.

    C. Player Type (Single and Host only): Each of the ten players has a player type attribute. This type can be changed by clicking on the player type box next to the player color. The possible types are as follows:
    Human Player Local - This player is you.
    Human Player Remote (for host only) - This will be another player on the network. You must select this type for a player before another human player will be able to join your game as that particular player (see part E. below).
    3 levels of computer player - Choose from "Smart", "Medium", and "Not so Smart".
    Not Playing - This player will not participate in the game.

    D. Game Speed (Single and Host only): The game speed determines how quickly each player receives new armies. You can select the game speed by clicking on the box near the lower right of the window. Speed options range from very-fast to very-slow.

    E. Connecting (Join only): To join a network game, you must connect to a remote computer that is currently hosting a game. First, you must enter the host computer's IP address (or computer name) into the field near the top of the window. Next, click on the "connect" button to connect to that host. If the connection is successful, you will be able to see the other players' name and color and will be able to change your own name and color. *NOTE - The game host must have a slot open for you to be able to join (see part C. above).

    F. Ready, Set, Go: On the right hand side of the window, there is a small colored square for each player (unless you're in single player mode). These are the status lights for each player and can be...
    Red - which indicates that this player is not connected,
    Yellow - which indicates that this player is connected, but not yet ready, or
    Green - which indicates that this player is both connected and ready (always the case for computer players and host).
    All players who are joining a hosted game must click the "Ready" button before the game can start. A host can start the game by clicking on the "Begin" button once all remote human players are ready. Anyone in single player mode can start the game at any time by clicking on the "Begin" button.


    Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, criticisms, bugs, errors, or any other general revelations. Your feedback will be essential in making future versions of the game better and more enjoyable to play.

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